Speaker Profiles:

Tristan Lawrence

Head of Information Security, Privacy and Reliability

Cyber Security and Privacy Leadership


Tristan is a HotDoc’s Head of Information Security, Privacy and Reliability. With 15 years of Cyber Security and Privacy leadership in Australian Tech companies, he believes that privacy and security are fundamental to establishing the trust required from patients and practitioners required to digitise and transform healthcare. Tristan starts by establishing a culture of security, which is necessary to underpin long-term effective security programs and security controls, even technical ones.

Before Tristan worked at HotDoc, he also worked at MessageMedia, AfterPay, MYOB, Ernst and Young as well as a variety of banks and Telstra. He believes passionately in data-driven decision making, automation to reduce errors and collaboration, so moved from working in Cyber Analytics to working in automating and building teams for Risk, Compliance, Governance and Security Management.

He’s excited to see how he and HotDoc can work with the broader Healthcare industry to establish a cyber-aware culture that engenders trust from patients and practitioners, given this is key to enabling better healthcare experiences and efficiencies through digitisation.