Speaker Profiles:

Shaun Clements

Masters in Financial Planning

Founder and Director at NOR Financial

Risk Protection, Superannuation, Financial Planning

NOR Financial

I established NOR Financial to provide Risk Protection and Superannuation advice for young professionals, mainly in the Medical field. I place a heavy focus on education and ensuring that my clients understand my advice and my thought process to provide that advice. By limiting my offering to a small demographic I can provide effective and efficient advice that takes advantage of the latest trends and options available on the market at a low cost.

I have been working in Financial Planning since 1997 and have had many experiences while working in this profession. Some highlights including completing my Masters of Financial Planning (MFinPlan) while working full time and still finding the time to travel the world. There have also been some low points, such as processing my own fathers life insurance claim, which turned out to be a more harrowing experience than even I would have expected. Through all these ups and downs I have learned from new experiences and am confident in saying that I have a passion for the Financial Planning Profession and the difference it makes in people’s lives.

I live locally and enjoy spending my spare time at home with my wife, who is a FACEM, and two young daughters. I am usually in the kitchen as this is where I find my “Zen” and get to unleash my creative side. Many of my clients are friends and family as I am always eager to help and I believe they appreciate the honesty and knowledge that can be difficult to find when you are just starting out in life.