Speaker Profiles:

Kerrie Carucci


Fashion Stylist


Kerrie Carucci

Kerrie Carucci is one of Australia’s leading fashion stylists, versed in human behaviour, editorial styling and presenting.

Her 12 years working in the corporate environment revealed the true importance that personal branding holds in amplifying professional opportunities and success.  

Kerrie’s decision to pivot her career from engineering into styling, has seen her passion go beyond the physical clothing that we wear, and towards the feeling that it brings. The capacity to ignite the thrive mode, bring clarity and move confidently.

Her focus has been to create solution based outcomes from her service offerings to clients, businesses and brands throughout the greater Brisbane area, Sydney, Melbourne and Internationally.

As a stylist, Kerrie holds a deep understanding of fit, fabric, manufacturing and sustainability, through her hours on ground spent with hundreds of individuals.

Knowing the true power that personal branding brings, Kerrie works with men and women to elevate their personal brand, confidence and unlock the best version of themselves. 

Her experience with corporate clients, unveiling a common lack in time and mental real estate for many to invest the deserving energy into their wardrobe. The idea of ensembling an outfit too often felt as a chore as opposed to a strategy. 

Your Pocket Stylist became the opportunity to make waves, and empower beyond the clientele that one person can service. 

The space to ignite greater change and transform the relationship between clothing and wearer, from being dismissed to channelled.

A platform to guide, educate and facilitate ways to utilise style as a tool.

To empower a stronger sense of self, confidence, certainty and identity, every single day.