Speaker Profiles:

Cameron Mackenzie

Olympian and Entrepreneur

Gin Distillery

Four Pillars

From Olympian to wine maker, to gin distillery owner to producer of hand-sanitiser, Cameron is an adaptable entrepreneur who seeks enjoyment from the everyday challenges in life.

Todays challenge is discovering the perfect partner tonic for his award-winning Gin. He is, quite simply, the heart and soul of Four Pillars. Cam is an Olympian, having run in the 4x400m at 1996 Games. He is the distiller and operations guru of Four Pillars Distillery which in 2019 was named the world learning gin producer by the IWSC in London. His passion for Gin production stemmed from his fifteen years in the wine industry where he learned about flavour, balance, palate and people. Along with his two friends Stuart and Matt they found a niche market in Australia that had been untapped.