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We understand the difficulties in sourcing quality and relevant business and MBS education and therefore have created an invaluable education hub for our BFD Education Members.  This hub will enable members to access not only BFD Education materials but also resources from our trusted BFD Partners.

Membership Fees:

Membership is effective immediately on sign up and is charged monthly at $30/month plus GST.  Membership renews each month automatically until you cancel your membership.  You are not locked into any contracts meaning you can cancel at any time if you wish.  However we believe that you will find the membership extremely valuable.

Membership includes:

MBS Education

We are committed to providing accurate and trusted education and resources for the practice team.  Receive access to coveted MBS Education including video’s, resources, cheat sheets and more.

BFD Events

We often hear from disappointed Doctors, Practice Owners and Practice Managers who missed out on attending BFD and BFD Education events.  Be one of the first to receive access to purchase tickets to BFD Workshops, online events, overseas and annual conferences.

Recordings and Podcasts

At BFD’s annual conferences and other major events we record a number of presentations that continue to be of value to Doctors, Owners and Practice Managers.  As part of your membership package you will have access to these quality presentations.  Podcasts are also recorded at our annual conference and enable you to get to know the presenters and trusted BFD partners as well as success stories amongst your peers.

Discounted ticket prices

Early bird access to BFDs annual conference will be available for all current BFD Education Members.

If you maintain your BFD Education Membership for 6 months and you will receive 25% off your ticket for workshops and online events when using the relevant code provided by BFD Education.  This in itself will offset your BFD Education Membership fee. 

Release dates of resources:

At least 6 members only resources are released every month within the Education Hub Dashboard. 1-2 resources will generally be released every week to ensure that you have time to access each of them and not be overwhelmed with information.  These resources will be in a variety of formats including videos, cheat sheets, podcasts and more.  They are either produced by BFD, BFD Education or one of our trusted partners to ensure that you are provided with high quality and accurate information.


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