MBS Book 2023 and Financial Fitness for Health Professionals – Bundle

MBS Book 2023

The MBS is almost 1600 pages and difficult for doctors to negotiate to the parts that are relevant for General Practice. This printed version has removed all non-GP item numbers and allows the General Practice to have all numbers that relate to services they provide without flicking through an entire hardcopy or having to print their own

The January 2023 updates are contained within this book; it also contains additional information for each section written by Dr April Armstrong and a summary of the item numbers in each section.

Financial Fitness for Health Professionals

The first collaborative publication created by like-minded organisations and individuals who uphold the values of the Business for Doctors group. It is the result of hundreds of hours of meetings, research, teamwork, and cooperation to present an accurate, easy to read and understand, financial and investing information collective. The book provides health professionals with the very basics that they need to manage their own money, understand when to seek  professional advice and improve their long-term financial health.


Dr April Armstrong, Business for Doctors
Brent McCullough, ECOVIS Clark Jacobs
Mark O’Flynn, Oxlade Financial
Simon Hepson, Oxlade Financial
Tal Eloss, 1Group Property Advisory
Julian Muldoon, 1Group Property Advisory
Travis Dodd, BFD Finance
Paul Harland, BFD Finance
Paul Jarvis, BFD Finance
Young Han, RSM Australia
Peter Nicol, RSM Australia
Sarah Bartholomeusz, You Legal
Shaun Clements, NOR Financial



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