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Introducing – Viridian Advisory

Financial Advice to Help Medical Professionals Achieve Financial Freedom

You are in good hands as Viridian manages over $8 billion dollars for over 8,000 clients via 350 nationwide based employees.

The problems we solve – The challenge is, accessing the knowledge, time and experience, to help you live your desired life, from a financial perspective. This is without making costly financial and emotionally mistakes along the way. We can assist you with:

Achieving Financial Goals – how do I achieve my goals and what inspiring goals could I have?

  • Optimising Cashflow – What is the best way to make fund large purchases like a new home, new car, or an exciting business opportunity or providing for a family?
  • Mortgage Reduction – How to be debt-free faster?
  • Investment Advice – Where is the best place to invest and put my money right now?
  • Tax effective Strategies – Are there strategies that I benefit from now and in the future? Including understanding the potential zero (0%) tax rate of superannuation.
  • Retirement Strategies – How to retire with freedom and flexibility?
  • How to build a tax-effective legacy – for my family and generations to come?

How we help you live the life you desire – our three (3) step process:

  1. Understanding – where we met personally or via video conference, to understand your current position and what you would like life to be like, in the future. At the end of this meeting you will have a clear understanding of what is achievable and the costs for us to assist you.
  2. Our Advice – where we provide written recommendations on strategies including the benefits, as well as considerations and alternatives that we have considered. We can also implement the strategies for you plus, where needed, we can work with your existing accountant and solicitor, if you have them.
  3. Ongoing Advice & Support – where we are at-call for when your situation changes. In addition, we like to meet on 12 monthly basis, to ensure the strategies continue to align with your goals, as well as legislation and economic changes.

The Ultimate Result – having peace-of-mind and strategies, to help you live the life that you desire.

Should you be interested in speaking to one of our Executive Advisors please feel free to email Katrina Pocklington – and include the following details in the email:

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