April Armstrong
Casey Going
Dr Cate Howell
Julian Muldoon
Paul Jarvis

Healthcare Business Location & Property Strategy – Buy, Lease, Re Purpose or Build?

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The perfect location for a clinic involves a blend of analytical data and intuition. Business opportunities must align with the practicalities of family life, and risks and expenses must be managed effectively. Securing the right location and property can be a significant catalyst for both business success and wealth creation. While doctors prioritize family, commercial decisions must also factor in convenience and risk tolerance. One thing is certain, they value property and seek comfort in it.

– Consider risks and opportunities of buying or leasing

– Decide between building from scratch or repurposing an existing building

– Identify the ideal location using a framework that considers quantitative and qualitative factors such as accessibility, competition, demographics, and community needs

– Costs will vary based on location, property type, and construction needs

– Healthcare assets can be valued based on revenue-generating potential and asset-specific factors

– Maximize ROI and create passive income by having a clear business plan, implementing cost-cutting measures, and diversifying revenue streams.



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