Financial Fitness for Health Professionals

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Health Professionals are patient focused, with their strengths in empathy, clinical care and patient outcomes. Business and finance are not their strongpoints however providing good patient care is not mutually exclusive from financial success.

This book was written for Doctors and Dentists to improve their understanding of the key aspects of financial literacy for health professionals.

Business for Doctors has ignited a community across Australia, helping thousands of health professionals improve their business and finance literacy.


Dr April Armstrong, Business for Doctors
Brent McCullough, ECOVIS Clark Jacobs
Mark O’Flynn, Oxlade Financial
Simon Hepson, Oxlade Financial
Tal Eloss, 1Group Property Advisory
Julian Muldoon, 1Group Property Advisory
Travis Dodd, BFD Finance
Paul Harland, BFD Finance
Paul Jarvis, BFD Finance
Young Han, RSM Australia
Peter Nicol, RSM Australia
Sarah Bartholomeusz, You Legal
Shaun Clements, NOR Financial

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