April Armstrong
Casey Going
Dr Cate Howell
Julian Muldoon
Paul Jarvis

Areas of GP Opportunity: Where to Open a New Practice and Succeed

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Learn about DPA Areas and how they can impact the success of your medical practice and discover strategies to navigate and make the most of these areas.

Understanding the demographics of an area is essential and we will provide insight into the fastest-growing and ageing population areas and show you a comprehensive property analysis. We will provide you with the benefits and risk of buying versus leasing or building a purpose built medical centre.

April will share invaluable tips on establishing a successful bulk billing medical practice in a low socio-economic area.

Travis from BFD Finance will highlight the important aspect to consider when funding a property purchase, fit out or construction; he will explain how to prepare your financials for commercial property loans.

1Group Property Advisory will provide a thorough overview of town planning considerations, parking requirements, the management of the design and approvals process. Additionally, they will outline the essential due diligence steps before purchasing, the key consultants needed, how to negotiate the right deal, their responsibilities, and the valuation of medical assets. They will also share insights on maximising returns on your property project.

This session will equip you with the key knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions for the success of your future medical practice.



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