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BFD Education provides the platform to connect health professionals, at all career stages, to accurate, objective information and high-quality professional advice from industry experts. Engaging practitioners, owners and managers on social media platforms provides a collaborative and collegial approach to business education.
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Enabling Medical & Healthcare Professionals to build better business worldwide

Business education extends beyond the “Business of Medicine” and encompasses creating a plan for the individual clinicians’ finances and investments providing a viable timeline towards financial security and independence. BFD Education delivers online and face-to-face workshops, conferences and education sessions. We cover all aspects of business, banking, finance, insurance and investments. BFD Education was created to support the Business for Doctors network of over 50,000 Australian and New Zealand health professionals. We recognised the importance of a diversified delivery service and since 2017 have provided online and face-to-face education. Designing flexible learning for busy professionals creates a positive learning environment, reduced stress and pressure to complete activities with a fixed time frame and enables concurrent activities to be undertaken at any given time.

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Manage Finances

Accessing training and education provides a better understanding to enable practitioners to engage with experts to assist them in establishing a pathway to financial stability and prosperity.

Grow Your Business

Networking opportunities with likeminded people generates business ideas and enthusiasm that creates a positive working environment.


Find Balance

Recognising personal limitations and creating protected time for family and self is achievable though positive planning and goal setting.

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Priority notification to upcoming BFD Education Workshops, online events, overseas and annual conferences.

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Video recordings and podcasts from all past and future major events will be available through BFD Education Membership.

MBS Education

Access to coveted MBS Education including video’s, resources, cheat sheets and more are part of the membership package

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As an ongoing BFD Education member you will receive discounts on tickets for workshops, online events and our annual conference.

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BFD Education workshops provide online and live events with industry experts capturing financial and business concerns of all medical professionals.

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