April Armstrong
Casey Going
Dr Cate Howell
Julian Muldoon
Paul Jarvis

Introduction to the Medicare Benefits Schedule for all Health Practitioners

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The Medicare Benefits Schedule is core business for Non-GP specialists and General Practitioners and has undergone significant changes over the past 24 months resulting in compliance issues and missed billing opportunities.

This introductory session on the MBS introduces the categories, explanatory notes, audit and compliance issues as well as common mistakes.


Dr April Armstrong has been providing MBS education since 2017 and has presented at over 300 workshops, seminars and conferences. She continues to work in General Practice in Western Australia and has her own businesses in Kalgoorlie and Perth. As a mentor to medical practitioners, practice manager and nurses who have become MBS tutors she continues to be passionate about the “Business of Medicine” and provides regular updates on MBS changes via social media.



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